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Dragonfly CMS v9.8.5 Updates Dragonfly v9.4 to v9.8.5 a PHP 7.3 Compliant CMS
Or Installs v9.8 as a new PHP 7.3 Compliant Website
PHP 5.4.31 thru PHP 7.3 are supported
(Available for public download)

Dragonfly™ Multimedia The majority of the multimedia found in Dragonfly™ was designed by Paris Paris

Dragonfly™ Logo The Dragonfly™ logo was designed by Brian Monnone Brian Monnone

Menu Graphics A small portion of the graphics found in Dragonfly™ was designed by Everaldo Everaldo


Downloads Pro Manage a categorized collection of downloads. Updated for PHP 7 Trevor Eckart and DJMaze

Private Messaging Send and recieve private messages with members

Treasury Donation management - based on Nuke Treasury (Thrash at Phoenix

My Account Powerful member management system DJ Maze

Groups Manage user-based groups CPG-Nuke Dev Team

CPG-BB CPG Bulletin Board by DragonflyCMS Dev Team and based on phpBB x which is released under the GNU GPL DragonflyCMS Dev Team

Statistics Keep track of who visits your site and at what time CPG-Nuke Dev Team

Coppermine Coppermine Photo Gallery ported for Dragonfly™ by the CPG-Nuke Dev Team Grégory Demar

Storez Storez - a comprehensive shopping solution. Phoenix (port)

Pro_News Pro_News CM™ - Ultra Configurable Content Management - interfaces to Forums, Photo Gallery & Calendar   (Ver 4: developed and extended from original beta module of same name by Kauragari) layingback


Dragonfly v9.8 Updates Dragonfly CMS v9.4 to PHP 7.3 Compliant OR
Installs v9.8 as a new PHP 7.3 Compliant Website
PHP 5.4.31 thru PHP 7.3 are supported

User Info Block Based on All Info Block by Alex Hession. Major modifications made by DJMaze Alex Hession